The Tree House / Children's Church

True Oak Treehouse, our children’s church program, brings together music, puppets, videos, live acting, stories, crafts, games, and prizes to keep your child focused while learning about our amazing God!

Puppets like Freckles the Dog and the Christiansen family face issues that today’s children relate to – and teach tools to solve them along the way.
King James and Grampaw come out and learn about various Bible stories – David and Goliath, Joshua and the battle of Jericho, Joseph and the coat of many colors, etc. – and through their confusion over the details, help kids to learn the valuable truths…and the real facts.
And our ridiculous repeating puppet Copykat and our live-action villain Black Bart make learning memory verses fun!

We also have a Bible Bookmark program, where kids are given bookmarks with Bible facts, memory verses, etc. to take home. If they can come back the next week and correctly answer the questions on their bookmark, they can earn points, or “Backyard Bucks,” to spend in our Treehouse store. We also award special prizes after every ten bookmarks and a trophy at the end of the 48-bookmark set.

The family leading our children’s church program have been involved with theatre, dramatics, and puppetry for many years and love using their gifts to show children the way to Jesus and His love.