True Oak's Beliefs

We believe that the Bible is sufficient, providing all the truth that is necessary to sustain the Christian life. We believe it is true and without error. We believe it is God’s revelation to man and therefore should be studied and obeyed.

We believe in the God of the Bible. The God who is one, yet three. The God who is loving, merciful and good and who is also holy and just. We believe God is sovereign and therefore controls all that has come to pass or will come to pass.

We believe God is the creator. That He made the world and everything in it in six literal days.

We believe in sin. That in an act of disobedience, man fell in the garden. We believe our first parent Adam passed on that sinful nature to all who would follow and that all are born in a guilty state before God and are objects of His wrath.

We believe that in our natural state that sin has permeated every area of our life and we, therefore, have a nature that is hostile against our creator.

We believe that God is a God who is holy and just and must judge man for their sinful deeds. We believe that judgment includes hell which is a literal place of eternal torment.

We believe in Jesus. That He was born of a virgin and is the perfect, holy, Son of God. We believe He lived a perfect and blameless life. That He died, was buried and on the third day rose again. We believe His death and resurrection were literal.

We believe in Christ’s substitutionary atonement for man’s sin. That He died on the cross and experienced God’s wrath in our place. We believe that through this act, our sin was placed into His account (imputation) and He was judged as if He had lived our life and sinned our sin, even though He had never sinned once. We believe that God placed His righteousness into our account (Imputation) and we are treated as if we lived His life. We are accepted on the basis of His perfection

We believe in the Gospel. The message of good news concerning Jesus’ perfect life, substitutionary death and glorious resurrection. We believe that the sinner is saved by grace alone, through faith alone in Christ alone when they embrace this message as their only hope of heaven. We believe God freely offers this good news to all who will believe and obey.

We believe there is no salvation outside of Jesus Christ. That no man can come to the Father but through Him alone.

We believe in the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity. We believe He indwells the believer and gives them the desire and ability to live a life that is pleasing to God.

We believe in the church. We believe the church is not a building but is comprised of all those who have believed in Jesus Christ. We believe the church has been tasked with the Great Commission and therefore has the responsibility to take the good news to all the world.

We believe in families that honor God. That marriage is an institution given by God and is defined by the union of one man to one woman. We believe that a healthy marriage is meant to be a picture of the intimacy Christ enjoys with His bride, the church. We believe any alteration to this is a blasphemous attack on the God’s design for family including the aborting of any baby for any reason from the time of conception.

We believe in a literal and eternal heaven, where the community of the redeemed will live together with their God. We believe heaven is a place of no pain, no sorrow, no sin and no death.

We believe in glorification; that in the near future Jesus will return to gather all His saints to Himself in the rapture of the church. We believe that all who have been saved will live forever in a new glorified body in a New Heaven and a New Earth. Until then we are given the task to glorify and obey God along with sharing our faith with the world.